QUICK-START is coming!

3 – Day Event By the 713 REIA!
Nov.  16th  17th and 18th  9a – 4p  6117 Richmond Ave 77057

“Quick START” is a 3-day REAL ESTATE event unlike any other. The 713 REIA has a long track record of giving educational events that over deliver, and this event will be no different.
on the weekend of the 16th, our mission is to GIVE you everything you need to level up your real estate portfolio and take you closer to FINANCIAL FREEDOM! whether you are buying your first house or adding to your collection, we have something for you.


If Your Property Generated Enough Money Where You Could Quit Your Job… How would you live your life? What Would You Do? Who Would You Spend Time With?

  • Merryl, a member of our REIA, is 51 with a husband and 2 kids that are living out of state with their families. Merryl is interested in having a more certain financial future. She has always had an interest in real estate and thinks owning a few rentals would be a good place to start.


  • One of our younger students, Jeff, did the math. Jeff is 23. If he had only 10 properties, owner financed, with an average cash flow of $500 dollars a month, he would be free to live whatever life he chooses. He has dreams of travel to exotic places with good friends and having the freedom to live as he chooses, with no one to


  • Stan is a young professional with a new baby and a beautiful supportive wife. Together, he and his wife would like to buy one rental home every 6 months for the next 18 years. When Its time for their daughter to move to college, they can refinance their rental property to pay for tuition out of pocket, and maybe even leave a few properties in her name, and can use the cash flow in the meantime to pay for vacations, family trips, have bigger Christmasses, and maybe even grow their new family.


  • Albert is a welder that works 50-60 hour weeks. He makes good money and is looking for somewhere to invest his money and grow his skills as a businessman. He chose real estate because he likes to see the money he made grow by itself, and one day he will be able to do something else and maybe start a family.

What would you do if you could live life off of your portfolio?

You Can Learn From Seasoned Investors Ray Sasser and Landon Rothstein. Ray Has Been Investing for 35 Years and Has Been Involved In 100’s of Deals. Landon Has Been Investing For A Decade And Has Done Over 200 Deals.

How to Buy and Hold

The dream of mailbox money is alive and well! With every acquisition, your mailbox money increases by a few hundred dollars every money! What would you do with the money?

  • How to Take Negotiation to the next Level

It’s said that good deals are found, great deals are made. Ray Sasser calls negotiations “managing outcomes” and he will show you how to negotiate with the best of them.

  • How to Do Deal Structureing

If you are out there wheeling and dealing, you’ve got be able to talk business and put transactions together. You will be comfortable will all the business and legal talk that comes with real estate after this weekend.

  • Asset Managment (Rentals vs Buy and Hold)

Once you buy a deal, now you have to manage it. That ranges from screening tenants, dealing with the occasional complaint, collecting rents, to occasionally having to go through an eviction or foreclosure. All this may seem like a lot, but once you know the steps I assure you the management is more than worth the profits.

  • How to Get Funding

A misconception about real estate (and business in general) is that you need a lot of money to buy a house, or need to qualify for a mortgage. The reality is that is simply not true. We can connect you with the right people and strategies for you to buy investment property no matter your financial situation.



Join us at the at the very First Quick Start Event! Go to the link below to see the page for the event, and be updated for announcements regarding the event!

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Investors… Mark Your Calendars!
Wednesday, November 14th at 6:00 PM

Meeting location- 125 W. Airtex Houston, Texas 77090
Time – 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.

This is the place where we help turn your real estate dreams into a reality. Whether you are looking to level up your business, or are taking your first steps to financial freedom, RSVP to this event and the 713 REIA is at your service.

“This is the place where we help turn your real estate dreams into a reality….”

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, the 713 REIA brings you into a community of active investors in a fun lively atmosphere, at the Holiday Inn Express to help you in your business.

In a few short days investors from around the city to come together, connect, share stories, talk shop, and do deals! RSVP to be invited to a room with dozens of investors of all experience levels, laughing talking business, and sharing valuable insider knowledge.

Besides excellent networking with a group of great investors, the 713 REIA also provides best in the city free and premium ongoing education services for its members.

RSVP to come to learn what you need to know to improve your business right now! 713 REIA Strives to bring its member’s more actionable knowledge than any other group in Houston.




When you are talking with a motivated seller, the more open ended why and How questions you ask, the better.

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