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713 REIA is a Strong Real Estate Investor’s Association built by and for Investors

We emphasize Education and Mentoring for Today’s Real Estate Investor.

Our goal is to provide quality information to every level of investor. We have found that whether you are new or advanced in the investing process, those investors who network are far more successful.


Ray Sasser has been buying for over 36 years in up and down markets. Has completed over 1000 rehabs! Owns a REIA in San Antonio Is an expert negotiator Great at raising private money Can do any and all creative deals.

Landon Rothstien has been investing for over 9 years and has completed over 200 deals! He has wholesaled, rehabbed/flipped, and is currently a landlord and holds many notes. His favorite forms of investing these days are doing Subject-To and owner finance deals. He has also gotten adept at constructing creative deals. Landon is also making $2500-$3000 per month part time doing AirBnB with just one property!

Landon Rothstein is a full-time real estate investor in Houston, TX. His current real estate holdings include both residential and commercial properties totaling over $9 million and providing over $45,000 in cashflow each month. Landon’s ability to find and use private lenders has helped him grow his buy and hold portfolio dramatically.

Landon started investing 10 years ago while working a full-time job. He had amassed 57 properties before going full time in real estate in June of 2016. In that same year, he bought (and held onto) 45 houses. While he and Ray have been running a very successful and exciting wholesale class and completing many flips, his passion is ‘buy and hold’ properties – rentals and owner financed notes for passive income – true mailbox money.

Landon is a master marketer and runs the largest Facebook group for real estate investors in Texas and has a huge database of over 150,000 local buyers, including wholesalers, flippers, rehabbers and landlords, making it easy for him to wholesale properties quickly. Landon and Ray also run a very active Meetup group for local real estate investors.

His real secret has been how he deploys technology. Both Landon and his entire team use multiple websites and software programs to scale and automate the business. As the business has grown, so has the full-time staff as well as his team of 18 virtual assistants.

Landon is a creative deal maker employing techniques like subject to, lease options, wraps, wholetailing, bartering, and even in creating “work in lieu” deals as a down payments with contractors. The broad range and scope of the experience Landon and his team bring to the table has allowed them to do deals that other investors don’t know how to do and walk away from. In other creative strategies, he has gotten paid at closing when buying property; he’s even got paid $7500 NOT to buy a house! Landon is also making over $5000 per month part time doing AirBnB with just two properties!

Long term? Landon’s goal is to continue to grow his company’s passive income stream, play more tennis, get more involved with charities, helping others (people and animals!), travel and then retire in the Caribbean with his wife, Chely.