About Us

713 REIA is a Strong Real Estate Investors Association built by and for Investors

We emphasizes Education and Mentoring for Today’s Real Estate Investor.

Our goal is to provide quality information to every level of investor. We have found that, weather you are new or advanced in the investing process, those investors who network are far more successful.

Meet our organizers,

Ray Sasser has been buying for over 36 years in up and down markets. Has completed over 1000 rehabs! Is the former president of RICH Owns a REIA in San Antonio Is an expert negotiator Great at raising private money Can do any and all creative deals.

Landon Rothstien has been investing for over 9 years and has completed over 200 deals! He has wholesaled, rehabbed/flipped, and is currently a landlord and holds many notes. His favorite forms of investing these days are doing Subject-To and owner finance deals. He has also gotten adept at constructing creative deals. Landon is also making $2500-$3000 per month part time doing AirBnB with just one property!