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Venturing in a wholesale real estate business is promising when it comes to its ROI (Return Of Investment). In wholesaling, just like other businesses, it could also have its ups and downs and the individual can also encounter or have some lapses. These are some of the problems that a wholesaler can encounter on his or her real estate journey:

  1. It is not easy to have great deals. Finding a property to buy and sell is not that easy. There isn’t much of a real estate property that can be bought in a minimum amount or price. Most of these properties are distressed properties and you need to thoroughly look for a seller.
  1. Won’t be able to close a deal. Rejections are normal in the real estate realm. Not all prospect clients  will say yes to your offer. It is important to be ready when it comes upon you. Always have an alternative and never give up on your goal.
  1. Not being able to earn. In relation to the second one, you then won’t be able to earn because of it. Imagine not being able to close the deal and the contract expires, that’s a scary scenario to think of. Every wholesaler thinks about earning a profit but the reality is that, it won’t be as easy as pie but you need to be diligent enough to find a prospect.  

Here are the important tips in order to avoid those:

  1. One should have a list of their potential clients. Building a network can help you fill in the list of potential buyers. Having a long list is not enough to secure a deal. A wholesaler should know how to keep a close relationship with all of them. It is essential to communicate with them always. One way to find a potential seller is through joining REIA meetups. You may look up our monthly meetup schedule here:

713 REIA’s Massive Monthly Meetup!

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019, 5:00 PM

Holiday Inn Express
125 Airtex Blvd. Houston, tx

10 Real Estate Investors Attending

This event by Ray Sasser and Landon Rothstein will always be a great one! We ask you RSVP so that we can make this the best event for you. This is an event For Investors, By Investors (FIBI). There will be a strong group of vendors, a few door prizes (details below), and plenty of fun to be had with old and new friends. – Free food drinks & adult …

Check out this Meetup →

  1. One should be creative in order to attract clients with your proposal. Being creative with the presentations and giving them a good deal can entice your prospect client.
  1. One should be able to manage the money well. Investing in wholesale real estate requires good financial management. Having an emergency fund for urgent matters is a must. Always have the right calculation of all the expenses that you have.

Deep knowledge about the said matter and patience are necessary in this kind of business. Always look on the brighter side of things! You will be able to get through this.